Registration in the WebMoney system includes four steps

  1. Click on "Sign Up"

    Next, enter your mobile phone number in the international format.

    A phone is used:

    • for the safety of transactions through SMS-code for payment confirmation;
    • for searching WMID and to quickly restore access.
  2. Enter the your personal information

    • Correct personal data is necessary for full access to the system: to replenish/ withdraw funds, to work with payment cards, and other services.
  3. Phone-number confirmation

    You will receive the SMS-code that you will be required to enter in the next step.

  4. Set the password to your purse

    Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers (0-9), and special characters.

    Try to set a password that you can remember, as it is the safest way to store it.

  5. E-mail confirmation

    You will receive an email with a confirmation code in your email account. Enter the code on the page and or click on the link in your email.



You are user of the WebMoney system .

To increase the limits you need to receive a certificate at a higher level. More information about all types of limits and how to change or cancel them is available   on the page   Financial constraints .